Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Monthly Subscription Boxes, New Monthly Jewelry Subscripiton and Haul Videos

If you follow things that teenage girls are all about these days, you'll definitely stumble upon Haul Videos. The concept is simple - girls go shopping - it may be at just one place or multiple locations, then show their fans what they purchased, one thing at a time with their own introductions and opinions. There are haul videos focused only on one brand such as Forever 21 Haul or H&M Haul, haul videos covering a group of products such as drugstore cosmetics haul videos or just in general a haul video showing things purchased that day.

The term haul video was coined by one of the most popular YouTube blogger - JuicyStar07. Her videos get thousands of views each from girls, who are curious what Blair Fowler got today. From cosmetics to shoes, they want to know. Her haul videos, filmed in a beautiful girly bedroom have been attracting brands, who now sponsor Blair to represent them. Items featured in her haul videos get sold out within just a few hours. There have been many girls who got inspired by Blair and started making their own haul videos.

Haul videos have been especially helpful for an array of subscription box companies. Girls receive beauty samples in a box monthly and they film their openings aka "unboxing". They show products and share what they're excited about and what they find unnecessary. Some haul video creators go as far as letting everyone know that they are about to unsubscribe from a certain subscription box service because they don't think what's in the box is worth it. I'm subscribed to quite a few of the monthly subscription boxes - from Birchbox to Blissmobox and GlamBox with EcoEmi being my favorite. I love the eco theme of the boxes.

Really liking this subscription box model, I decided to launch the monthly jewelry subscription boxes. You will be able to subscribe to the Lucid Boxes starting June 6th - this Wednesday so you'll hear more about it then but I can already tell you, the price of the boxes will be very attractive since the boxes will be mostly used to spread the word about the Lucid New York jewelry collection. Check back here on Wednesday for more details or like Lucid New York Jewelry on Facebook.

***** UPDATE

Lucid Box - brand new monthly jewelry subscription box is here.