Thursday, April 12, 2012

Monthly Subscription Boxes - Blissmobox Review March Chocolate Lovers Arrival

These monthly subscription boxes are a lot of fun. You get a surprise package every month around a theme you choose. It's so much fun to receive packages, especially when you have no idea what's inside. I literally had to restrain myself from opening it in the elevator.
I'm subscribed to Blissmobox, company which offers organic and eco-friendly products. You choose one out of three themes. In March I had a choice between:
beauty bath and body
natural nibbles and chocolate lovers box.

As you can see I chose the chocolate lovers' box. It's full of cool stuff but the thing is... I haven't been into chocolate lately. I am not sure what's going on, weird phase in a life of usually a chocoholic.
It'll pass I'm sure.
Anyway, here's what was inside:

2 of these actually
Pick one of the monthly subscription boxes, it's a lot of fun to receive. 
And how about receiving a monthly surprise jewelry box? Let me just unveil a tiny bit of a secret that's coming up. There will be 3 types of jewelry boxes depending on your personality.
Would you like to be informed first? Please subscribe ;-)

***** UPDATE

Lucid Box - brand new monthly jewelry subscription box is here.