Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"There's a Good Reason Turtlenecks Are Called Turtlenecks" - Man Repeller

 rebecca minkoff shoes, alice and olivia pants, uniqlo turtleneck, prada bag

I've been wearing these Alice and Olivia pants a lot lately. To the point that I had two birthday parties last weekend and I wore them to both. They're so comfortable and so easy to transform from day to night.

The turtleneck makes me think of the coverage of one of the shows written by Man Repeller where she focuses on turtlenecks and starts her turtleneck reflections saying  
...there is good reason turtlenecks are called turtlenecks, this wasn't just a case of let's group a style and animal together for shits...
Read more, it's funny

I love my Rebecca Minkoff shoes. They are one of those, which you can wear and wear from the first time you put them on. No need to break them in. They're soft and comfortable right away. I got this sweater at one of the boutiques in le Marais, in Paris. It has a great, generous cut, you can see it better here.